Balloon Arches for Events and House Parties

Balloon Arch Designs which can be used in various events. You can buy the balloon arch supplies on

Balloon Arch

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How to Make Chocolate balloon bowls

MethodBreak the chocolate into small pieces. Put in a bowl suspended over a pan of simmering water and leave to melt. Remove from the heat and leave to cool for 5 mins. Meanwhile, blow up your balloons – you want each bowl to be about 10cm wide, so try to pick small balloons and don’t blow them up too much. Tie with a knot.Line a baking tray with parchment. Holding the knotted end of the balloon, dip it into the melted chocolate to create your bowl shape. Stand it on the tray and hold the balloon for a few secs until the chocolate pools around the base allowing you to let go of the balloon. Continue with the remaining balloons. Chill for at least 30 mins or until set.When the chocolate has set, pop the balloons and carefully peel them away from the bowls. Fill with your chosen dessert – ice cream is good because it keeps the bowls cold. Recipe from Good Food magazine

DIY Gold Horseshoe Balloons- Call Balloonistics on 8722008855

DIY Gold Horseshoe Balloons for your Derby Party DIY Project, Styling and Text by Studio DIYPhotos by Mary Costa Photography It’s Derby party time! Don your hats, place your bets and get ready to bring the Derby to you with these gold horseshoe balloons. All you need are latex balloons and gold leaf, and you’re off to the races! (Pun intended.)
Supplies:Balloon Time Helium TankLatex balloonsRibbonGold Leaf sheetsGold Leaf adhesivePaint brushPrintable horseshoe templateToy horses (optional, for balloon weights)Spray paint (optional, for balloon weights)DOWNLOAD HORSESHOE TEMPLATE PDF
Instructions:Inflate balloons with your Balloon Time Helium Tank and tie with ribbon.Cut out your horseshoe stencil and lay it over the balloon. (Do not tape it to the balloon.) Brush the gold leaf adhesive onto the balloon using the stencil as a guideline.Remove the stencil and let the adhesive set, according to package instructions, until it is tacky. With the gold side down, press a sheet of gold leaf …

DIY Balloon Surprise

Why yes, today’s DIY does totally coordinate with the new site! What can I say, I love me a good theme and scheme! But this DIY is so much more. You can use it for just about anybody you want to send a little bit of cheer to, whether it’s their birthday or any other day (Scroll to the bottom for more ideas). Essentially, you’re filling a big ol’ box with colorful balloons and dropping it on someone’s doorstep for the most awesome (Budget friendly!) surprise ever. Large Box
Foam Core
X-acto Knife
Gold Spray Paint
Tape Have some balloons blown up in a few lovely colors. For reference, my 22″ box fit 11 balloons. Now it’s time to make your “mark” (Ha!) on the box, if you so choose! You could do a letter, number, question mark or exclamation point as I chose! I simply drew an exclamation point on some foam core, cut it out and spray painted it gold. Then I glued it to the box. Once your box is decked out, gather your balloons and tie them together about two thirds of the way down…